Ophthalmic Diagnostic Products


Aqueous Flare Meter

The FM-600 is Kowa’s unique aqueous flare meter that offers a reproducible and reliable guide to occular inflammation.

  • Utilises the principle of laser light scattering detection
  • Quantitative protein density measurement
  • Compact, easy to use system
  • Reproducible results
  • Non-contact, non-invasive test
  • Supports diagnosis of Uveitis and other inflammatory pathologies
  • Monitors inflammation post IOL surgery

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Unique, accurate and incredibly easy to use

The FM-600 aqueous flare meter (also known as a Laser Flare Meter) enhances the follow up of patients by enabling the in-vivo measurement of aqueous flare in a non-contact, non-invasive and painless manner. The quantitative and reproducible measurement of aqueous flare it provides is known to be useful in cases of uveitis and following IOL implantation, and increased levels of flare have been reported with many other ocular conditions. FM-600 aqueous flare meter has been designed to combine efficiency, accuracy with fast and easy operation in a compact and modern body.



Measuring laser source Laser Diode: 635mm  35±15 µ w
Detector Photo-multiplier tube (PMT)
Measuring range 1-500 photon count/ms
Measuring field Vertical 0.3mm x horizontal 0.5mm
Measuring time 0.5 second
Working distance 81mm (distance of examined eye to front end of objective lens)
Printer 58mm width, thermal line printer
Monitor 5.6 inch colour LCD monitor
Movement range Movable 37mm backward/forward Movable 89mm leftward/rightward Movable 25mm vertically (electric)

ID input: PS/2 (compatible with numerical keypad, barcode reader)
Data output: RS-232C

Power supply

Input: AC100-230V 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 80VA (normal)/ 100VA (maximum)
Dimensions/weight 274 (W) X 457 (D) X 458 (H)mm/18kg