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New Study from Department of Ophthalmology University Medicine, Charitè, Campus, Virchow Clinic,

Published On: 01 02 2016

To distinguish between preperimetric glaucoma and a variant of the standard optic nerve head (ONH), morphology is probably one of the most difficult desicions in glaucoma diagnostics. Therefore, further study to find the most accurate parameters for early detection and diagnosis of preperimetric glaucoma is needed.

However, the earliest detectable manifestations of glaucoma seems to be the structural abnomality of the ONH and retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL). The aim of this study was to assess the correlation of the RNFL (SD-OCT), coefficients of the HRT,3, and the DDLS in peperimetric glaucoma. In this study, the DDLS was objectively measured by the KOWA nonmyd WX 3D fundus camera (2D/3D nonmydriatic retinal camera; Kowa Company Ltd. Tokyo, Japan) Please click here to download the complete study.